Notable Quotes about “Jayson”

"'Jayson Goes to Hollywood' reunites all of the favorites from the 25 years of Jayson cartoons... They end up in Hollywood on a 'research expedition' where their ulterior motives lead to all kinds of trouble. As always, Krell is unafraid to play with genre conventions, effortlessly maneuvering the characters between scenarios involving sex, politics, comedy, and even science fiction... As with the previous 'Best of' collections, this volume contains a number of short comic episodes, although this time the stories add up to one long story; one might go so far as to call it a "mini-epic." However, despite the episodic divisions, Krell ends almost every page with either a good joke or a turn of events that makes you want to read just one more page, until suddenly you’ve read the whole thing..." – Jay Laird, Edge

“The innocence of the cartoons [in ‘Jayson: Best of the 80s’] reflects the unflappable optimism of its central duo, Jayson and his roommate Arena. No matter how many fights they have, how many boyfriends they lose, or how many struggles with parental disapproval they have to overcome, they manage to keep putting themselves in ever-wackier situations, even as they learn from their past experiences. It’s a tough balance to maintain, but Krell succeeds brilliantly, letting the characters grow over the years while still keeping true to their sit-comic roots… If you’re old enough to remember gay comics from the 1980s, ‘Jayson’ is among the best of them.” – Jay Laird, Edge

“Krell spends less time [in ‘Jayson: Best of the 90s’] dealing with the darker issues of gay life that appeared in the first volume, instead taking the characters on ever-wilder romps. With this freedom, Krell is able to produce stories that seem even more parallel to the ‘Archie Comics’ world than his work from the 1980s… Even the more overtly political stories … still manage to not take themselves too seriously while depicting genuine issues of gender oppression and conflict along the way… The only thing that would improve this collection would be more of the same." – Jay Laird, Edge

“The strip’s artistry has the look of ‘Archie’ meets ‘Blondie.’ Though appearing in ‘Meatmen,’ they looked like they were plucked out of a Midwestern newspaper, which helps to create a visual irony for the racy subject matter, sexy plot twists and sometimes-foul language that comes up in the stories… Krell’s ability to take the current culture and reflect it though comedy and satire in the lives of the characters leaves you wondering how the hero would survive in today’s gay climate.” – Greg Marzullo, Washington Blade

“An artful mix of social commentary and cultural critique make the comics as relevant today as when they were first introduced in 1982, a feat perhaps best displayed in the sci-fi adventure ‘Jayson Visits Planet 69.’” – Shawn Revelle, Q Media Reviews

“I had a great time with Jayson, his roommate Arena Stage, pornographer/ entrepreneur Robyn Ricketts, and the other characters who pass through Jayson’s life... With the right cast and in a better world, ‘Jayson’ would be a beloved television sitcom.” – Tony Isabella, World Famous Comics

“The strength of the series is in its deft writing, stylish and evocative characterization and superbly bitchy dialogue. Related with all the dexterity and skill of a superior situation comedy, the cutting putdowns and snide asides are so funny you find yourself saving them up to use yourself at a later date... And while [Krell’s] forte is comedy, the occasional downbeat episode manages to be moving and poignant while still possessed of a mordant humour... An enjoyable, upbeat read.” – Howard Stangroom, Comics Forum

“Jughead and Veronica came out of the closet after graduating from Riverdale High, changed their names to Jayson and Arena and moved in next door. Their wacky adventures are almost believable, and their dialogue is hilarious. Jeff Krell’s subtle homage to Archie Comics only served to heighten the atmosphere of sly subversion.” – Trina Robbins, The Great Women Cartoonists

“Jayson caused me to laugh out loud... The cat-fights between Jayson’s fag-hag roommate Arena Stage and his cross-dressing pornographer/neighbor Robyn Ricketts are priceless. And when you read them you’ll be laughing out loud and telling your friends that you’d react the same way.” – Rodd Steale, Impact Magazine

“Jeff Krell has the nerve to hold up the mirror to a gay community which often can’t bear the reflection of its own two-dimensionality. How many bitchy queens have I seen stamp their feet and huff, ‘What a hateful stereotype!’ before going off to gossip about it with their girlfriends? Hey, folks, caricature is what cartooning is all about! We’ve all known people like Jayson and Arena and Robyn and the others. I love how Krell reduces their whole school of attitude to a few simply-drawn lines and choice insults.” – Robert Triptow, Gay Comix

“Jayson and Arena are fully rounded creations, funny (when they’re not merely pathetic), and real.” – Michael Willhoite, Lambda Book Report

“Jayson is just darn funny. The world of gay cartoons and cartoonists wouldn’t quite be the same without Mr. Krell and his creation, that much is for sure.” – Tim Barela, Leonard & Larry

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