Notable Quotes about "Maybe…Maybe Not"

“An English translation of [Ralf] König’s Der Bewegte Mann, 'Maybe…Maybe Not' is part of the inspiration for the hit German comedy of the same name…. This is the first in a series of planned translations of internationally acclaimed König’s cartoons. [Translator] Krell, himself a cartoonist with his own volume, captures the humor and poignancy of this tale, bringing it to American audiences. If you loved the movie, you will thoroughly enjoy this quick, sexy read.” – Erik Swallow, Our Own

“ 'Maybe…Maybe Not' is a very funny book, a comedy of human nature as it were. Translator Jeff Krell, who also contributes a foreword to the book, has done a great job providing a seamless transition from König’s native German to the English of this edition. This story could just as easily have been set in the U.S. as in Europe. I recommend 'Maybe…Maybe Not' for older readers looking for something different in alternative comics. It’s accessible, fun, and personable. And while you’re at it, you might also want to check out Jeff Krell’s Jayson, from the same publisher.” – Tony Isabella, Tony Isabella’s Journal

“Jeff Krell, the artist who draws the popular U.S. comic strip Jayson and is responsible for the current hit play of the same name, had lived and studied in Germany. Thus it is fitting that he should have been chosen to translate the popular gay German strip 'Maybe…Maybe Not'. In a word, his translation is dazzling. He has a mastery of the idiom and the trendy slang in both American English and German, so the speech of the characters is exactly what a young American would use.” – Stewart Benedict, Michael’s Thing

“Did you hear about or see 'Maybe…Maybe Not', the largest grossing movie in German history? No matter, you can now read the comic book that inspired the movie! 'Maybe…Maybe Not' by Ralf König is the story of a gay man (Norbert) who’s got a hankerin’ for a straight man (Axel), who recently broke up with his girlfriend. In order to become a more sensitive man, Axel joins a men’s support group where he meets Norbert. Axel needs a place to stay. Guess who offers Axel his bed? Read the book – it’s better than the movie!” – Blase DiStefano, OutSmart

“Ralf König’s strips have always made me smile – at least, the few two-pagers glimpsed in the odd issue of Gay Comix always had an appealingly grubby feel to the art and a mischievously vulgar sense of humour. So I was glad when I heard that the American cartoonist Jeff Krell (creator of Jayson) was translating 'Maybe…Maybe Not' from the original German…. The art is great, classic scribbly König, and the men, although perhaps too cartoonish to be sexy (to me at least) have a really enjoyable quality of physical ‘realness’ – König’s men are gloriously, unapologetically crumpled…. And König is a good writer of comedy – he can work a scatological parakeet joke, and his pisstake of a ‘sensitive’ men’s therapy group with its painful political correctness is funny and, in many ways, spot-on.” – Sina Shamsavari, Comics Forum

“Remember how murky the movie Maybe…Maybe Not was about “hetero” hunk Axel Feldheim’s participation in the gay sex scenes he finds himself in the middle of after his girlfriend Doro throws his cheating ass out of the house? Well, the book 'Maybe…Maybe Not' – with an English translation by cartoonist Jeff Krell (Jayson) of cartoonist Ralf König’s graphic novel Der Bewegte Mann – isn’t at all fuzzy on this point…. Best of all, Maybe…Maybe Not gives us wonderful (and wonderfully) graphic drawings of Ralf König, which look like what Picasso would have come up with had he done designs for the Muppets.” – Rudy Kikel, HX Magazine

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