Notable Quotes about "Maybe…Maybe Not Again!"

“In 'Maybe…Maybe Not Again!', the honeymoon is pretty much over for Axel and Doro. They’re expecting the birth of their first child, but the magic has gone out of Axel’s, ah, wand. A chance encounter with Norbert and Walter leads to one heck of an argument, although, to be fair to Doro, she did once find a naked Norbert in Axel’s closet. Too tame? König’s just getting started. Axel experiences another chance encounter, this time with an old girlfriend…. Add an incredibly pregnant – nine months worth – and suspicious Doro and her even more suspicious friend to the mix. Throw in a gay butcher and a bodybuilder or two, shake well, and … leave us just say that it’s a show well worth watching.” – Tony Isabella, Tony Isabella’s Journal

“This sequel to 'Maybe…Maybe Not' is so funny and adds on to the story from that previous book. This book takes place after Axel and Doro’s honeymoon. But not to be left out … are Axel’s old gay friends Norbert and Waltrina. And let the craziness ensue!” – Paul Houston, Stuff

“Earlier this year we reviewed a collection of comic strip episodes by Ralf König titled Maybe…Maybe Not and brilliantly translated from the German by Jeff Krell. Krell is known to many as the creator of the gay American comic strip Jayson, so he knows the gay argot on this side of the pond very well…. Fun throughout, 'Maybe…Maybe Not Again!' can best be appreciated if you’ve read the predecessor first.” – Stewart Benedict, Michael’s Thing

“This is a comic book for adults, but for the kid in us all. This is the sequel to 'Maybe… Maybe Not' – the events that occur after the honeymoon is over. Some of the same characters are still present, and cause chaos at times. One of the funniest [scenes occurs] when Norbert and frank join a gym, one in hopes of getting a better body, and the other in hopes of landing in bed with one of the muscle-bound gym geeks.” Patrick McKinney, Shout!

“Is Axel Feldheim cheating on his pregnant wife? With another man?! The wacky characters from Ralf König’s acclaimed cartoon comedy, 'Maybe…Maybe Not Again!' (the original now being presented as a hit play plus being the largest grossing movie in German history) reprise what happens after the honeymoon is over for newlyweds Axel and Doro and what transpires when they again cross paths with Norbert and Waltrina, the gay men Axel left.” – Hardy Dixon, Contact

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Notable Quotes About “Maybe…Maybe Not”
Notable Quotes About “Maybe…Maybe Not Again!”
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