German cartoonist Ralf König invades America

Internationally acclaimed cartoonist Ralf König has published nearly 30 graphic novels about gay life in his native Germany. They have sold more than two million copies and have been translated into 14 languages. Yet very few of his works are available in English.

The unprecedented success of the German film “Der Bewegte Mann,” based on two of Ralf König’s graphic novels, encouraged Ignite! Entertainment to begin translating König’s works into English – starting with the two that inspired the movie. The resulting volumes, “Maybe…Maybe Not” and “Maybe…Maybe Not Again!”, were translated by Jeff Krell, creator of the popular gay-themed comic strip “Jayson.”

Within the panels of these stories, we get to know Axel Feldheim, a straight man who may or may not stay that way. It starts off innocently enough, with Axel just trying to win he ex-girlfriend back. She won’t take him back unless he learns how to be more sensitive. To appease her, he joins a “men’s support group.” There he meets a gay man who likes him just the way he is. Will Axel – and the woman he wants – and the man who wants him – find a way to live happily ever after? Over the course of two zany books, the answer is: Maybe…Maybe Not!

Sales of “Maybe…Maybe Not” and “Maybe…Maybe Not Again!” have been so brisk that the first printing has sold out and Ignite! Entertainment has just released a second printing. Ignite! has also purchased the translation rights to more of König’s works, including “The Killer Condom,” a gay send-up of slasher films that has inspired both a feature film and a long-running live show featuring life-sized puppets.

“Maybe…Maybe Not” (128 pp.) and “Maybe…Maybe Not Again!” (120 pp.) are available in finer bookstores, comics shops, and on Amazon.com for just $14.95 each. The publication date for “The Killer Condom” will be announced shortly.

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